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We are thrilled to have the following artist this year on the Jack Daniel's Stage.

5:00 PM

Kenyon Laughrey Trio

6:00 PM

Dramatically Distilled - Opening Toast

6:00 PM

Tommy Townsend

6:30 PM

Benefactor and Sponsor Welcome

6:45 PM

Dramatically Distilled Skit

7:00 PM

Steven Caldwell & the Neon Drifters

Steve Cardweel Logo.jpg
The Neon Drifters.jpg

Steven Cardwell & The Neon Drifters

Steven  Cardwell & The Neon Drifters are a Southern Soul Band based in Central Florida.  

Their powerful sound is a mix of country, rock and blues that wile anyone stop and listen...and listen some more.  

The band is made up of Steven Cardwell, Dakota Hurly and Luis Burgos

GDm - Tommy.jpg
GDW studio.jpg

Tommy Townsend

Orlando performer and songwriter John Holley brings a smooth vibe to St. Cloud.

His cool, soulful renditions of contemporary music, delivered in his unique bluesy vocal style, will fill New York Ave during the VIP Hour so that you can talk and enjoy the music at the same time. 

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