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Thank you for joining us at the Whiskey In The Cloud VIP Experience

Below you will find the listings and tent numbers for the VIPours.

These special pours will be from 5PM - 6PM.

We suggest you seek these exhibitors out first before visiting the remaining tents.

VIPours will be available throughout the evening in the VIP Tent sponsored by Levee Liquor.

VIP Expressions

Various booths will be offering VIP attendees tastes of Limited Time Offerings, Special Releases or Allocated expressions during the VIP hour from 5PM - 6PM and in the VIP Tent.

Below is a list of the Expressions you can anticipate:

5yr Barrel Aged Moonshine 5yr Georgia Whiskey, Currahee Merlot

Tent 1

Middle West Spirits Sherry Finished Bourbon – 97.25pf,

Middle West Spirits Single Barrel Green Light Select Dark Pumpernickel Rye – 125.28pf

Tent 6

Azunia 2 Year Black Tequila

Tent 7

Old Forester 1924

Tent 9

Redwood Empire

Foggy Burl Singel Malt, Devil's Tower High Rye Bourbon,

Cask Strength Lost Monarch Rye

Tent 12

Compass Box Art & Decadence

Tent 14

Chicken Cock

Red Stave 102.4 - Petite Syrah Finished Bourbon Whiskey

Tent 15

Woodford Double Oak, Woodford 121.2 Proof

Tent 18


Legend, Levee Liquor Double Barrel Reposado

Tent 20

Diplomatico Ambassador

Tent 21


StateStock, Formula #1


Heaven's Door

Exploration#1 - Calvados Finished, Decades Batch2 10yr Rye


Jack Daniel's 10 Batch 3

Jack Daniel's 12 Year Batch 2

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel


Lugo's Craft Distillery Special Reserve



Mark's Private Stash (starts at 6:00 PM)

Tent 15

Mark's Private Stash Allocated Collection


Purchasing Spirits

Many of the spirits will be available for purchase on the APP. and made available for pick-up, local delivery or shipping within the state of Florida.  We suggest you download the app and set up your profile at to make it easier.  QR codes will be available on your credential and at the tents for access and more information about the brands.


City Event Parking 

Whiskey In The Cloud Festival

Downtown Shops, Bars and Restaurants

Spirits Pick Up Location - Levee Liquor

A - Map of St. Cloud - Google maps1.png


Spirits Tasting Tents


Food Trucks


Bars & Restaurants

Shops & Boutiques

Ride Share Drop off / Pick Up


A - WITC - Event Map - Full Bleed - Curves.png
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